PayPics is a mobile marketing platform. It allows marketers to engage consumers while they are on the go.


Scanning a PayPics tag allows you to take advantage of daily deals, discounts, contests, and much more while you are on the go.

Just download the PayPics app from the App Store and use it to scan any QR Code or Microsoft Tag.

PayPics works with your PayPal account to faciliate payments associated with daily deals and other promotions.

Scan both QR Codes and Microsoft Tags with PayPics

Advertisers and Marketers

PayPics connects placed based, or digital out of the home (DOOH) media, with mobile devices to engage target audiences while they are on the go.

Go beyond brand awareness and implement digital place-based promotions that can turn any customer touch point into an interactive promotional opportunity.

Simply add a specially configured PayPics mobile tag (a Microsoft® Tag or a QR Code) to any place-based media to create place-based promotions that attract new customers, increase average purchase amount, or encourage repeat business.

Great for malls, trade-shows, restaurants, airports, kiosks, place-based digital ad networks and much more.

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PayPics allows you to take advantage of promotional offers wherever you encounter them while on the go.


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